Monday, July 16, 2012

Overlord reloaded

For many years, the Overlord project has been used as a general landing page for information about SOA Governance related initiatives within JBoss, with links to other projects that provide some relevant functionality (e.g. ModeShape, Savara, etc).

However in recent months the role of Overlord has changed. It has now become a fully fledged project in its own right, as the umbrella project for a number of new components.

The current list of components are:

  • S-RAMP - a reference implementation of the OASIS SOA Repository Artifact Model and Protocol
  • S-RAMP UI - a SOA modeler/repository web based UI
  • Gadget Server - a GWT based gadget container, conforming to the opensocial specifications
  • BAM - business activity monitoring

More information about each of these components will become available over the coming months.


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