Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Service Dependency Graph and Policy Enforcement demo in BAM milestone 2

The Overlord team are pleased to announce the second milestone of the new Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) sub-project. A webcast showing some of the new features can be found here: https://vimeo.com/51539146

The new features include:

1) Definition of a service interaction (or dependency) graph, showing colour coding based on a configurable algorithm. The user can hover over services, operations and links to view statistics, and also hover over the situation markers to see a summary of situations that are affecting the specific service or operation. The service overview information represents a rolling window based on recent activity, and therefore reflects an up-to-date view of the activity associated with the system being observed.

2) Situations gadget and associated infrastructure. It is now possible for a user to create rules to detect 'situations of interest'. These situations will then be managed by the BAM infrastructure, providing the details through a REST service for display in the 'situations' gadget, as well as being reported via JMX. A "SLA Violation" example demonstrates how this mechanism can be used.

3) Service definitions active map (available via a REST service) - provides information about the available services and their operations, as well as metrics.

4) Policy enforcement demo, showing how the analysis of activity information can be used to apply business policies, defined outside the scope of the application, which in this case enables further purchases by a customer to be suspended until they make a payment.

5) Many internal improvements to help support the functionality described above.

If you have an interest in business activity monitoring capabilities for your project, then we would love to hear from you! Our user forum is located here, or alternatively please raise feature requests in our jira system.

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