Monday, December 3, 2012

Define and Enforce a Policy

This demo provides an indepth view of how a policy can be defined and enforced within the Overlord Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) infrastructure.

The demonstration shows how requests to a SwitchYard application can be blocked, if a customer has been suspended, due to decisions made within a business policy that is outside the scope of the SwitchYard application. This enables business policies to be changed without impacting the application.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Call Trace Capability

This video provides a preview of the call trace capability that will be available shortly within milestone 3 of the Overlord Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) project.

The call trace can be used to visualise the call hierarchy that represents the service invocations across a Service Oriented Architecture. Contained within each call node in the trace will be represented any activities that occurred within the scope of that call.

This facility enables users to understand how the business transaction instance executed, as well as the duration it spent within each call, thus allowing performance bottlenecks to be identified.