Friday, October 3, 2014

Overlord DTGov: 1.4.0.Final Released!

After reading about the S-RAMP release I'm betting you're not shocked to learn that we also released a new version of Design Time Governance!  These two projects continue to be linked pretty tightly, but Hint that might be changing in the future....

For now, we hope you enjoy the latest 1.x version of Design Time Governance.  For full details, you can view the Release Notes.  If that's tl;dr then here are the highlights:

  • Full support for custom Deployers (including in the UI) [DTGOV-205]
  • View both deployed workflow definitions and running instances in the Workflows UI [DTGOV-209]
  • Better (full) support for the RHQ deployer [DTGOV-197]
  • Much better installation experience on Fuse!  [DTGOV-144]
  • Tons of bug fixes (of course)...
Download now and give it a whirl:

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