Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Overlord RTGov: 2.0.0.Final Released!

Along with the recent S-RAMP and DTGov releases, we have also released a new major version of RTGov.

This version includes the following main changes:

  • One of the most significant changes is the replacement of the Gadget Server UI, with its RTGov gadgets (response times, call trace, situations, service overview) with a new UI. Although the gadget server approach was useful for displaying individual widgets, it did not work well for navigating between related information. The new UI has been designed to enable the user to navigate around related information. It is only the first version of the new UI, so more features will be added - and any feedback on how it can be improved is always welcome.
  •  Integration with Elasticsearch and Kibana. The previous version of RTGov stored activity information in a relational database. RTGov 2 now supports storage of this information in Elasticsearch (a NoSQL database), along with UI integration with Kibana, to provide analytic capabilities over the stored information.
  • Fuse support. RTGov, along with the other Overlord projects, can now be used within Fuse.

For further information on the new features and bug fixes included in this release, please see the release note.

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