Monday, March 11, 2013

Release S-RAMP-0.1.1 adds Governance Workflow

I'm proud to announce release 0.1.1 of the S-RAMP project. The S-RAMP project implements the OASIS SOA Repository Artifact Model and Protocol. Two of the developers (Eric Wittmann and yours truly) are members of the Technical Committee.  The spec is nearly complete and it will be submitted to OASIS for review in a matter of one to two weeks.

On the S-RAMP project we have implemented about 75% of the spec and we've layered governance features on top of that. The objective is to have a functional set of features before implementing features we do not need right away. Things are working now, but may not always be 100% compliant (think about things like error handling etc).

Some major features we have working now

  • Working S-RAMP repo - sitting on top of JCR (ModeShape by default) and using RESTEasy for the S-RAMP Atom binding.
  • Maven integration, so developers can release artifacts into the S-RAMP repository or they can reference artifacts in their builds as dependencies.
  • S-RAMP ATOM Binding, anything that can consume a atom feed can interact with the repo.
  • S-RAMP GWT based browser
  • S-RAMP cmdline shell, so you interact by typing, or you can script interactions
  • Governance Workflow - Integration with a BPMN2 engine (jBPM by default)
    • custom REST-Based BPMN2 services to deploy artifacts from S-RAMP to runtime
    • customer notification service (email + templates)
    • custom S-RAMP interaction service to classify artifacts as they move through their life cycle.
  •  Advanced XPATH-2 query capability into the S-RAMP repository.
Some things we are working on at the moment

  • Security - we need SSO across the board. We are trying to use Picketlink IDM & OAuth, sticking point is that RESTEasy 3 supports it but SOA-P 6 wants to stick with 2.3.*. Maybe we can get Bill to back port.
  • Governance console to manage workflow configuration and to embed Task Forms (right now we direct you to the jbpm-console)
  • Add Documentation - We developed a kick ass process to push Asciidoc github wiki to docbook into the regular doc stream ( Now all we need is more content and demos.
  • Implement all features an end2end for some interesting Switchyard use cases.
  • Add more out of the box best practices governance workflow.
  • RHQ and JBossAS7 domain model deployment integrations.
  • Support for SLA and policies in general.
  • Auditing of what goes in and out of the repo.
If you are interested check out the workflow demo, download the distro and come contribute so you can be crowned and become one of Overlords.



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