Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Runtime Governance 1.0.0.M4 released

The Overlord team are pleased to announce the availability of version 1.0.0.M4 of the Runtime Governance (RTGov) sub-project. This sub-project was until recently called 'Business Activity Monitoring', and was renamed to reflect the wider scope of its capabilities.

This release adds the following capabilities:
  • Inline (synchronous) policy enforcement. The previous version enabled policies to evaluate activity events "after the fact" to determine if a situation had occurred, and then provide some enforcement capabilities for future business transactions (e.g. to block a customer's purchase requests if their account had been suspended). This new capability enables event processors to be configured to immediately evaluate activity events and if necessary block a business transaction.
  • For business transactions that have associated 'principal' information, this information will be recorded with the activity events are made available in derived results (e.g. situations and call trace).
  • Location information, recorded as part of the activity events, is propagated to derived results (e.g. situations and call trace) to enable users to understand where problems have occurred.
  • Runtime governance now works in a clustered JBossAS environment.
  • Activity events stored in H2 in-memory db. Other databases will be supported in the next version.
  • Lightweight activity collector client configuration. It is now possible to install just the activity collector mechanism within an execution environment, and have it report the activity events to another fully configured runtime governance server via REST.
  • Various bug fixes and minor changes - see release notes for more details.

This release is compatible with SwitchYard 0.8.Final.

For more information, please see the release notes at:

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