Thursday, March 21, 2013

S-RAMP v1.0 Specification submitted into the OASIS Review Process

Today the S-RAMP v1.0 specification was submitted for review by OASIS. You can download your own copy of the two spec documents from a public link on from OASIS. Randall Hauch, Eric Wittmann and yours truly worked on both the specification as well as on an implementation of the spec at the same time.

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The open source S-RAMP implementation is under developement under the umbrella of the Overlord project and ships under the Apache v2 License. We hope that it will become the S-RAMP Reference Implementation (S-RAMP-RI). You can download the S-RAMP implementation from our downloads page. The source code is hosted on Github. Our implementation uses RESTEasy for the Atom based REST APIs and on the back-end it uses ModeShape (JCR) and Infinispan (persistence) for massive performance and scalability. Well that's what the ModeShape guys tell us anyway, someone should test it out! We are currently about 75% complete and -to speak in building a bridge terminology- we are 'out of the water  now': The foundations are finished and everything we are doing now is in full view. If you are interested in contributing please let us know, there is still lots to be done.

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One area we are really looking for help is for someone who can help us develop some best practice governance scenarios: for example project workflows, with supporting document templates for approval etc.



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